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MAX Learning and Knowledge

Piano Keys
Music Class

MAX believes strongly that EVERYONE DESERVES MUSIC.

Music is and must be seen as a necessary and vital  part of everyday community.

Max is working with leading UK educators to look at ways in which music can be re-imagined and re-introduced as part of every child’s learning experience. We are working to place music at the centre of the learning curriculum.


There is little or no music provision in so many schools following years of cuts and the re-distributing of funds to other areas of the current curriculum. MAX is working tirelessly to address this.


We will devise a programme of work in dialogue with teachers and heads, meeting curriculum needs when possible, but above all offering music and arts provision that is often lacking. 


MAX is pioneering an outreach programme to develop a unique system of identifying musical abilities in early years children. Many programmes like this exist outside of the UK and MAX is working to establish such a programme. The ambition is to facilitate the discovery of a number of young people from primary schools who identify as having an aptitude for music. Once identified MAX will work in collaboration with local authorities and schools to facilitate further musical study and mentoring.

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