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Saturday 23rd October 2021 - 5.00pm and 7.30pm


Strong Inside
078 colour hi-res for print - Trio Balth
This five woman strong ensemble have faced many barriers performing a cappella, yet Black Voices has been wowing global audiences for over three decades with their unique repertoire of music and performance in the black oral tradition. The group has appeared before the most prestigious audiences. By public and private invitation, Black Voices has performed for Her Majesty The Queen and most members of the Royal Family. With hundreds of tours and engagements worldwide, the quintet has filled some of the biggest international venues across the globe, including Birmingham’s Symphony Hall, London’s Barbican Centre, Rome’s Coliseum, the Hollywood Bowl and the Royal Albert Hall.

‘Strong Inside’ is a performance of repertoire, rooted in the spirituals, the bedrock and soul of black oral music. Black Voices draw on the hope, spirit and strength originating from these early forms expressed through call and response, jazz, gospel, folk at times fused with more contemporary forms.

Messages of love and hope are delivered through a captivating soulful harmonic blend and is Black Voices’ unique strength! The themes in their songs speak to people universally, and are as relevant today as they were when created out of the experiences of slaves forced to work plantations.
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