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Friday 6th October 2023 - 7pm-8pm


The Voices in My Head
078 colour hi-res for print - Trio Balth
ew countertenors have pushed the boundaries of repertoire and sound more than Andrew Watts.

A dramatic voice unlike any other combined with extraordinary stagecraft and presence make him a unique performer of both parts traditionally associated with the voice type, and a pioneer of 20th and 21st-century repertoire.

As well as singing core roles of the countertenor repertoire, Andrew Watts has performed over 60 world premieres at many of the worlds greatest opera houses.

In this specially curated programme alongside pianist Gavin Roberts, Andrew Watts invites you into the many worlds of the characters he has created and inhabited. Exploring the neuroses and humanity of each, “The Voices In My Head” is part public therapy session, part virtuosic recital, leading the audience through the trials and tribulations of some of music’s most fabulous
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